Far Cry 4’s Alternate Ending is Actually the “True” Ending According to Narrative Director

Today some of Ubisoft’s developers took part in a live Twitch stream in an effort to drum up some support for some very worthy charities. It wasn’t just all fund-raising, though, as the team also spoke about their upcoming games. We heard about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate earlier and now we’ve got information about the Far Cry franchise.

Originally Far Cry 4 had a little more weirdness to it. Far Cry 4 was already pretty weird as far as games go, but according to Mark Thompson, the narrative director for the game, Ajay was supposed to have a talking tiger. Yes, a talking tiger. Nothing else was offered, but it definitely brings up more questions. How the flip did this tiger learn to talk?

Also, remember that alternate ending that Far Cry 4 has? If you’ve not played through it yet, look away now. The alternate ending involved you just sitting in Pagan Min’s dining room while you wait for him to return. Then you and Pagan Min go and take Ajay’s mother’s ashes to their final resting place.

We all thought it was just a bit of a joke ending, but according to Mark Thompson, that was the real ending and the ending that most players fought towards was just the video-game version of events. He explains that the alternate ending is the “true” ending as it’s what would happen in real-life: you’d sit when Pagan tells you to, you’d eat some of that fancy food on the table and you’d wait for him to return. Makes sense really, when you really think about it. Would you disobey a madman and proceed to shoot the hell out of his army without having had any prior training? Nah, thought not.

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