Far Cry: Primal Announced with a Release Date

Earlier today we informed you of a new Far Cry game, although it wasn’t officially announced at the time. Well it has been announced now and it’s called Far Cry: Primal, its coming out on the 23rd of February 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC players will have to wait until March.


Primal takes place in the Stone Age and pretty much everything is trying to kill you, so survival is key. You will play as Takkar, the only man to survive after his hunting party was ambushed. As Takkar you’ll explore the lands of Oros as mammoths, sabretooth tigers, other hunters, and more try to kill you with sticks and tusks and teeth, sounds lovely doesn’t it?


In order to survive you’ll need to craft weapons and tools. In order to craft you’ll need resources which you can get via hunting and gathering, like a true caveman! Oros will be a huge open world with different threats during the day and the night. Fire has always been important in the Far Cry series, but this time around fire might just be the difference between life and death. Happy hunting!

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