Far Cry Primal Gets a New Caveman Trailer ‘King of the Stone Age’; Behind the Scenes Video and Screens Released

Ubisoft has today released a brand new trailer for its upcoming open-world caveman adventure, Far Cry Primal.  The new trailer, which is embedded down below as always, shows the tribesmen fighting each other with primitive weapons, animals, exotic lands, and some other neat stuff.

That’s not all, though, as Ubisoft has also released a behind the scenes video, which in all honesty seems a bit more interesting. Why, you ask? Well, the behind the scenes clip gives us a look at how the developers created the world, the languages, and the characters. For history nerds like us, it’s cracking.

For those who aren’t fond of watching videos (you weird or something?) there are some images down below that Ubisoft was kind enough to send over. They include some concept art and a couple of screenshots. All good stuff, we assure you.

Far Cry Primal releases on PS4 and Xbox One this February 23rd, while the PC release is set for March 1st.