Far Cry Primal Surprises Nobody With Big Day One Update

Far Cry Primal is due to release on PS4, Xbox One this Tuesday (February 23rd, March for PC) but we’ve managed to snag a copy a bit earlier than most folks.

As such, we’re able to tell you that Far Cry Primal receives a day one update that’ll run you around 591.6 MB on the PS4, though we’re not entirely sure of the Xbox One’s day one update, we can guess it’ll be a similar size with similar content.

So, what does the day one update do? The answer: lots.

Here’s the patch notes:

Patch 1.01

  1. Stability and Performance

A. Improved performance and stability.

B. Improved lighting and exposure


  1. Weapons and HUD

A. Fixed timing specific visual glitches on weapon HUD.

  1. Wildlife and AI

A. Fixed low repro companion navigation issues.

B. Fixed various edge case animation issues.

C. Improved mammoth visual on object destruction.

D. Improved animal behaviour when triggering a fight.

  1. Design and progression

A. Tweaked and balanced XP rewards.

B. Fixed damage ratio after using a recipe

C. Improved overall balancing for economy and buffs.

  1. Gameplay

A. Fixed timing specific issues with lit weapons during animations.

B. Fixed issues with lit weapons during cinematics at night

C. Improved player navigation and small collision issues.

D. Improved camera transition and minor collision issues on cinematics.

E. Tweaked NPC spawn locations.

F. Improved companion behaviour.

And that’s the lot. Quite a hefty update, though we sort of expect this from Ubisoft at this point. Check back with The Games Cabin for more Far Cry Primal coverage and the full review coming soon.

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