Far Cry Ranked – From Worst To Best Far Cry Games

Far Cry is best known now for its charismatic villains who steal the spotlight from our protagonists. Far Cry doesn’t hold back on talent with the likes of Michael Mando and Giancarlo Esposito playing their iconic villains. It continuously changes its setting but keeps the core gameplay the same similar to Assassin’s Creed. Far Cry has sold over fifty million copies and has become a huge franchise in gaming.

Here’s a list of all the Far Cry games from worst to best. If you guys have another ranking make sure to comment below.

  • Far Cry: New Dawn
  • Far Cry 6
  • Far Cry: Primal
  • Far Cry 4
  • Far Cry 2
  • Far Cry
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  • Far Cry 5
  • Far Cry 3

9. Far Cry: New Dawn

The last on this list and it’s obvious why. Even though the game was a colourful apocalypse, it was just bland otherwise. Showing the aftermath of Far Cry 5 was certainly an interesting concept, but the story was poor at best and changing to a RPG levelling up system was a poor decision in my opinion. New Dawn did practically nothing new, technically it’s setting wasn’t even new so for this reason it’s last.

8. Far Cry 6

It’s time for it to be said. The Far Cry formula was once great, but it’s simply been reused too many times. Bar the setting and characters nothing has changed. For the first few times of making Far Cry, we just wanted more Far Cry so it was fine, but the formula needs to be changed. Even with Giancarlo Esposito’s fabulous performance, it isn’t enough to carry the game. It isn’t a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, yet it just does nothing to separate itself from being average.

7.. Far Cry: Primal

At least Primal tried something different. It wasn’t a great game, but it was unique and nice to see Ubisoft delving into new areas. Primal has some of the most interesting enemy interactions to date since animals acted different compared to human enemies we’ve seen previously. It was probably one of the best settings a spin-off could have to set itself apart from the main set of Fra Cry instalments.

6. Far Cry 4

If you just waited as Pagan Min said, you would have never had to do anything else in the game. Still, none of us listened and had to move around. Pagan Min is a tyrannical ruler and it’s our job to take him down. Fra Cry 4 unfortunately didn’t add to the foundations that Far Cry 3 had placed for it. The plot wasn’t particularly memorable, however, there were some great side missions in this instalment. The biggest moral dilemma of four was who should rule Kyrat and do they deserve to rule it. Overall it was an enjoyable experience that simply brought us more Far Cry.

5. Far Cry 2

The most realistic Far Cry and one that doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. Far Cry 2 was more like s survivor type of game than any of the others. Even though the story wasn’t fantastic the realistic setting and choices made later on made up for it. Having the two factions clash and having to choose between them while chasing the Jackal made it exciting. It was less forgiving than the others and even if you helped a faction it didn’t just magically make you companions with them which I liked.

4. Far Cry

A game that ages this well after eighteen years deserves to be this high. Far Cry looked unbelievable when it was released and it still looks good for its time. The AI is probably the best that the series had. The dialogue is so cheesy that it’s actually funny, although I don’t think that was its aim. The combat is still great and the world feels alive. For its time Far Cry was so innovative in how its presentation and AI. This was known as the most difficult Far Cry and it makes you use stealth and strategy

The original can’t be higher because the dialogue and story are pretty poor at best. The combat and graphics still hold up to this day unfortunately its plot lets it down.

3. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon was the strangest Far Cry, but that only helped. The sci-fi feel really worked and the weapons felt great. This had the best music immersing us in a futuristic atmosphere every step of the way. Even though Blood Dragon was more of a big DLC it was one of the most memorable experiences of the series.

2. Far Cry 5

A religious cult has taken over being led by Joseph Seed. Far Cry 5 had the potential to be possibly the best Far Cry. The religious aspect was captivating and seeing how Joseph Seed got people to follow him made him charismatic. Although, unlike the other Far Cry games they didn’t do enough with our villain. We instead saw his two brothers and sister more and even though they came across as decent characters they never seemed as interesting as Joseph.

Still, joseph Seed had a hold over the game, it’s just a shame he wasn’t used more. Set in Hope County, we come across some of the best side missions like punching cattle. It also brings Hurk who is easily the best companion in the series making me laugh as we blew up crazy cultists.

1. Far Cry 3

All the sequels followed its formula for a reason. Far Cry 3 was a massive hit and at the time was so unique. We travelled to the gorgeous Rook island and were kidnapped by pirates. Vaas is known as one of the best villains in gaming and makes his presence well known. The sensational acting of Michael Mando leaves us on the edge of our seats. He plays a psychopath perfectly as we never know his next move.

Far cry 3 was a fantastic game and introduced what the series is most notable for which is its villains. They’ve become the poster boys for the games and this all started because of Vaas. The story was simple but seeing Jason’s reactions made for an interesting plot. He had begun to enjoy killing and being the saviour putting him on a dangerous path.

This was without a doubt the greatest Far Cry game as it gave us the series best villain and best setting.

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