Feature: Activision’s The Walking Dead Will Be Another Declassified

The-Walking-Dead-Survival-InstinctHorror? You haven’t seen it yet…

Now, before you watch the video below, there’s no official confirmation if this is actually from Activision’s up coming first-person-shooter, The Walking Dead: Survival Instint.

Check out the video below.

Now, from the footage alone it looks pretty poor. I hate to jump to conclusions on games that aren’t even released yet, but if this is in fact from a final build of the game, it’s looking to be another awful licensed game from Activision.

For starters, the graphics look like they are from when the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 first launched, in other words, dated well beyond acceptable. Secondly, the gameplay looks pretty bland and linear. It’s basically Call of Duty with some zombies scattered around.

Thirdly, it’s got Activision putting the money into it and Terminal Reality are the developers.

For one, we all know what Activision are, profit chasers. If it’s a popular license, they’ll make a game and sell it full price, even if it’s a shoddy mess that does a disrespect to the source material. Examples? 007 Legends,James Bond: 007 Bloodstone, Quantum of Solace, Battleship, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, the list goes on for a while…

The point is, unless it’s their golden child Call of Duty, it’s not going to get the care or attention needed, no matter what the license is, whether it’s James Bond or Family Guy, tie-in’s are predominantly bad because of Activision. As we’ve mentioned before, Activision is, statistically speaking, a very much average developers, and without Call of Duty, the stats would sit on the wrong side of awful.

Terminal Reality aren’t much better either to be honest, their list of developed titles is long, but ultimately forgettable, with the only memorable title of recent times being the criminally cheesy/terrible Kinect Star Wars. It’s not that Terminal Reality are particularly bad, they’ve made some decent games, but this is nothing more than a cash-in by Activision, so instead of the developer being able to take their time and maybe spend a couple of years crafting a tale worth telling, they’ve been lumped with the Call of Duty engine and told to make a game with zombies. It’s unfair to judge the developers, they’re a business and with fierce competition, all contracts are vital to their survival. It’s just a shame it’s Activision with the checkbook.

Of course, I like to give the benefit of the doubt, hopefully it will be a good game, maybe even a great one, but when you look at the evidence and Activisions track record, it’s hard to keep the optimism at a high, even from me, a massive fan of The Walking Dead TV programme.

I think at best we’ll see a mediocre product, at worst, well the video above, because could it really be any worse than that? Let’s just leave it at that rather than tempt fate…

What do you think? Will it be a day one purchase or are you going to wait until the reviews are in? Let us know what you think in the comments below.