Feature: DriveClub Another Victim Of Over Hype?

DriveClub reviews have started to spill out onto the internet after it’s release today in North America and ahead of its launch in Europe on October 8th and the UK on October 10th.

DriveClub has been greatly hyped over the last few months, with the hype train getting up to full speed int he last couple of weeks. Does it deliver? According to most of the reviews out there; no.

Many of the reviews we’ve read (ours is up shortly!) seem to be of the opinion that DriveClub is an average racer with above average graphics and not the game changer that was expected.

Why? Well, it’s obvious. The more hype a game gets the more we expect from said game. It’s important to manage your expectations, especially when it comes to a new release that has spent the last year stewing in hype. That said, many reviewers seem to be judging the game on what they expected, not what they received. Is this right? Probably not, but that’s not for us to decide.

After playing through DriveClub for the last few days and without going into it with otherworldly expectations, it’s a perfectly fine racer that’s definitely above average.

My point is, don’t buy into the hype and take each and every review with a pinch of salt (including ours by the way,) as they are just one persons opinions. If you’re in doubt as to whether to buy a game, get a rent of it first or better yet, go over to a friends house and have a go on their copy first and save yourself a bit of cash. Though with DriveClub there is the option to download the PS Plus Edition, so if you’re a member of the valuable service, I’d say definitely head over to the PS Store and download the “lite” version and get a feel of the game before you stump up the big bucks.

Reviews aren’t always to the line the truth and the best way to get informed on a game is to simply play it yourself.

DriveClub is out now for PS4 in North America and will be releasing in the UK on October 10th. There’s still time to pre-order your copy from Amazon UK and get the RUF RT12 R and Amazon-exclusive Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe DLC.

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