Feature: Easy Solution For PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility

ps4The PlayStation 4 is due to launch later this year in at least one territory with Microsoft’s Next Xbox not far behind, but despite the excitement that always builds up around the next-generation of home consoles, there are many who are up in arms about the lack of backwards compatibility.

So far we know that the PlayStation 4 won’t support your PlayStation 3 games or even the digital content you’ve been putting your money into over the last few years. Little is known about the Next Xbox, even the name of Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360 has managed to stay a secret so whether or not backwards compatibility is on the cards, we just don’t know.

Understandably, players and prospective customers of the next-generation consoles want to know whether they’ll be able to keep playing their favourite titles from this generation. Guess what? There’s no reason to stop.

The solution is simple, just keep your current console and play your games on the console it was intended for. At the end of the day, the PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox aren’t made with the past in mind, they’re looking to the future with new games, new experiences, dragging up the old era isn’t going to help.

Before you start going off on one in the comments, I’m just like you. I love my consoles and I wish that the next batch would fully support backwards compatibility, but if they don’t it’s not really that big a deal. You’ve already got a machine to play them on, how hard is it to just switch between your new console and old one?

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What do you think? Simple solution? Got any better ideas? Let us know down below.

  1. “The solution is simple, just keep your current console and play your games on the console it was intended for.”

    The solution is retarded. What happens when my PS3 fails? Do i keep rebuying the PS3? and what happens over multiple gens? do you expect me to have a PS2 still too? So now am i expected to keep rebuying PS2 and PS3 while having a PS4.

    Lets say if i even keep rebuying all the 3 consoles, am i expected to keep all 3 of them hooked to my TV along with their accessories. Its such a inconvenience having to bring a console out of the closet just to play old games.

    What happens when later tech TVs role out? For example play a PS2 on a HDTV and it looks jaggied. Play a PS3 on a 4kTV the result will be the same jaggies every where.

    Hence this is not really sustainable. I have decided to keep a PC for multiplat games and limit exclusives to consoles. PCs can play games from any gen, they will even emulate the older consoles. Heck they will even upres the older console games to current TV res so no more jaggies. Even for the multiplats released on PC its not an issue to play any game later at a higher res should my screen support it. That way i dont lose my library of games every time a new console is released.

    Problem solved

    1. What happens when your PC fails? Suppose you have to buy a new one… What happens when PC games become incompatible with future operating systems? As the wise Adam Orth once said “deal with it.”

      1. …I’m pretty sure CD based software, even DVD based software and most digital purchased software through steam, gog.com, etc still works across different computers, so that argument makes no sense.

    2. Dumbass. lol. Backwards compatability really spoiled an entire generation of gamers who now think it’s mandatory to support old consoles long after they’ve stopped making money. And that’s what it all comes down to: Is it making enough money to cover the cost of supporting the feature and a bit of profit?

      1. The money in the video game industry is in the software, not the hardware. It actually would make sense to support previous (and current gen) so that the actual profit variable to the equation still works.

        1. The fact that it’s not in the new system should tell you that the profit margin is not there. Otherwise, they’d have continued it. Especially now, since Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One will not be backwards compatible either. Seriously, if they made money off of it, you can bet it would be there.

  2. I still have my PS2 and PS1, a system that plays both NES and SNES games, plus a GBA SP and a 3DS. I’m certainly not going to get rid of my PS3 anytime soon. the only thing I’m miffed about is the digital content I’ve purchased through PSN that will be unplayable on PS4. That’s something Sony should work on. If Nintendo can do it, you can do it too, Sony. I don’t care how different the architecture is.

    1. Completely agree, I’ve still got most of the consoles and it take a whole of what, 5 minutes to set it up? Have to agree with the PSN purchases, that’s a poor show on Sony’s part, maybe they’ll figure out a way via Gaikai or something. For now, my PS3 and Xbox take pride of place in the living room and will still be a big part of it when the next consoles have muscled in under the telly.

      1. While Gaikai sounds interesting, I just don’t know. I mean, streaming movies through Netflix causes some stutters where everything stops and has to be loaded before the stream continues. Sometimes it happens once, sometimes twice, sometimes not at all. I mean, I know, it’s because my PS3 is far away from my router (and an ethernet cable cleared that up), but there are other factors to weigh in as well. Especially since America’s internet infrastructure is lacking, to say the least. My ISP charges me overages for exceeding my data limit, but makes no effort to expand their capabilities in my area. they seem content to offer me ‘what’s available in my area’ and milk me with those extra charges, than invest in upgrading and allowing me to pay for the service I actually want.

  3. But what about hombres like me who didn't buy a PS3 this gen and want to catch up on what we've missed out on? For example when Uncharted 4 comes out for PS4 and I haven't played through the first three I won't know what the hell is going on.

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