Feature: Please, Let Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Be The Last One

I’m a massive fan of the Uncharted series. You could say I’m somewhat “obsessed” with Naughty Dog’s seminal action-adventure series. I’ve played each game all the way through at least three times, and that includes the PS Vita exclusive Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is top of my list of games for 2015, I’ve pre-ordered the game from Amazon – I never pre-order games.

So why do I want Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to be the last in the series? I’m a man who loves stories, and all good stories must end at some time, including Nathan Drake’s.

Each Uncharted game to date has drawn me in with their cinematic gameplay and fantastic aesthetics, the globetrotting Nathan Drake is one of the best action-heroes that the gaming industry has ever produces. Likeable, charming, funny and superbly portrayed by veteran voice actor Nolan North, it’s hard to imagine why Naughty Dog would ever hang up his holster and call it a day. It will happen though, and sooner rather than later.

I love me a good series, whether it be a film trilogy (or saga in the case of Star Wars,) television programme (currently addicted to Elementary) or video-game franchise, I’m just a lover of stories, have I mentioned?

Something I’ve noticed about long-running series’ is that the longer they go on for, the higher the likelihood of them becoming stale and uninteresting, something I found with the real-time thriller 24.

The first few series were interesting and had me staying up well into the early hours of the morning, but after series 6 it all started a little too familiar. The plot twists were expected and predictable, the scripts were nowhere near as strong and the overall sense of ‘it’s been done before’ loomed over my favourite series. Didn’t stop me bingeing on 24: Live Another Day though…

The point is, I hate to see my favourite stories become shadows of themselves, ruined by being dragged out for the sake of it. It becomes easy to get stuck in a rut, just look at Travellers Tales, they’ve made nothing but LEGO games for nearly 10 years and whilst the games are still fun, they’re more or less the same. Then there’s Call of Duty. It’s been around since the early 2000’s and I’ve played each one vigorously. I play for the campaign and occasionally dip into the multiplayer, but over the years the focus has been shifted to multiplayer and the story has been left in the dust, reduced to B-movie material. If the same happened to Uncharted, I think I’d probably weep a manly tear. Just the one. But it’d be manly as hell. 

As much as I’d love to be playing a new adventure from the exciting life of Nathan Drake, I’d prefer to get some closure on the character. It’d be nice to see a video-game character have his story definitively end. Maybe he and Elena get married and have kids. Maybe Sully finds a huge stash of antiques in a recently deceased family members attic, sells them off and retires to the Bahamas, just as he always jokes about. Either way, I’d like to know how the story ends and further more, I’d like to see Naughty Dog push the PS4 to the limits with a new IP.


  1. How about you don’t buy any other Uncharted game after uncharted 4? and let those of us that never want the franchise to end, enjoy sequel after sequel.?

    How does that sound?

    It really pisses me off when people complain about a sequel that there not required to buy….

    1. Its less about just playing a game and more about respecting the integrity of the franchise/series/characters and stories.

      Every story should have a satisfying and definite conclusion.

      Even if this is Nathan Drake’s last outing, theres no reason why the series couldnt continue on with a new cast of characters and story, set within the Uncharted universe.

      People are sick of Assassins Creed and COD releasing every year, the former however always continuing to achieve more with its successors than its predecessors, due to changing up the stories, characters, settings, etc, so its okay to worry about Uncharted becoming too drawn out.

    2. I don’t agree. It pains me to see an amazing series like Resident Evil turn to complete and utter shite since RE5. Although I will agree with you in NOT buying them though. Capcom think that because of the massive RE fan I am that I will buy their crap regardless? THAT is why they were crying about the abysmal sales of RE6. 🙂
      Although I see no reason for the Uncharted series to end.

  2. This was a great read, not the article I was expecting based off of the headline. It got me thinking a bit, especially on this line:

    “It’d be nice to see a video-game character have his story definitively end. Maybe he and Elena get married and have kids.”

    It might be pretty great to have the final playable sequence involve the player actually walking Drake down the aisle. I don’t think games typically make non-action oriented moments come to life, but Naughty Dog are masters of it. If there’s any dev that could make simply pressing forward get the player to shed a solitary manly tear, it’d be Naughty Dog. I think that’d be a great ending for the series & it would give Drake fans such a positive note to close out the series…..but then I want it back w/ another character to control because I personally can never have enough.

  3. U Chris are wat I like to call the dumbest person , fucking retard in the world. U mean to tell me games like Mario , Pokemon , cod and way more can go on forever and have at least over 3 games but with uncharted u want the series to end it? Please go and play another game no one is forcing u and I bet ur fucking ass didn’t even know other naughty dog games besides uncharted. There was Crash bandicoot and Jak and daxter. Please just shut up and go and play games which can only have a limited amount of life span until then shut the fuck up and kiss ur ass.

  4. Are you kidding me!? WTF!? Uncharted series ending? no way! we have 7 or more Resident Evil games, dozens of Mario games, Consecutive loads of amounts of assassin’s creed games and you mean to tell me Uncharted 4 should be the last? The things I want to say…

  5. when this series ends I’m going to switch back to xbox and just say Fuck Playstation. The Pointless Updates, Sever Time Outs, and Other B.S Pisses Me The Hell Off Anyway.

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