Feature: Top 10 Indie Games On Steam You Have Got To Play


Developer: Facepunch Studios
Price: £14.99

Rust is another fascinating title on the list, in that it’s more or less whatever you make it to be. You start with nothing more than a rock and are left to fend for yourself. Think Minecraft with a realistic world, human players and the need to manage your vitals, that’s Rust for you.

The hilarity that can ensue within Rust is what really makes it worth the price-tag. Seriously, head over to the Steam reviews page for Rust and if the user reviews alone can’t convince you that Rust is worth your time, then the fun part in your brain is broken.


Developer: Ronimo
Price: £6.99

Ronimo’s fantastic 2D MOBA pits players in 3 vs 3 battles for control of the precious inter-stellar currency Solar. You pick your character from the ever expanding list, each with their own attributes and skills which can be upgraded throughout the course of a match, and then you battle it out. Simple!

It’s the simplicity that really makes Awesomenauts a great game, the learning curve is just right for new beginners and you’ll be chucked into matches with similar skilled people, so you won’t be getting ganked by League 1 teams every game.

For £6.99 there is a lot of fun to be had, a serious amount. I’ve clocked in almost 900 hours of game time since I first took the plunge a year ago, and I’ve never looked back. Also, most awesome theme tune ever.