Feature: Top 10 Indie Games On Steam You Have Got To Play


Hotline Miami
Developer: Dennaton Games
Price: £6.99

If you’ve not played Hotline Miami then you’re in for a real treat. The bonkers top-down action game is fueled by neon lights of the 80’s and given an adrenaline boost by the most bonkers soundtrack.

You’ll be smashing skulls with baseball bats, blowing mofo’s to hell with shotguns and generally looking like the biggest bad-ass ever. The controls are tight and the gameplay is frantic, sometimes annoying difficult but always fun. The main element in any game should be the fun, Hotline Miami is THE fun.


Developer: Polytron
Price: £6.99

Fez may be forever linked to the notorious Phil Fish, who has pissed off many a gamer in recent months, but we can’t deny he created one of the best indie games, no correct that, best games ever. The critically acclaimed platformer has a 91/100 metacritic score for good reason; it’s bloody brilliant.

Seamlessly switching between 2D and 3D worlds, there’s a lot to see in this little world. You play as the character Gomez as he gains the ability to see the world in 3D, and it’s a stunning world at that. The gameplay is fun and intuitive and it’s available on Steam for just under seven quid. What more could you ask for?