Feature: Top 10 Indie Games On Steam You Have Got To Play


Garry’s Mod
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Price: £5.99

When you think of indie games, Garry’s Mod doesn’t immediately spring to mind, mainly because it isn’t a game as such, but it still warrants a place on this list purely down to it’s fun factor. You’re presented a sandbox world in which you can do whatever you please.

Think of it as LittleBigPlanet for PC, but bigger and better. The huge user support has resulted in some of the best games we’ve ever played, and admittedly the worst. For £5.99 you’re easily getting your moneys worth. Find the right server and you’re set for life, you wouldn’t need to buy another game.


The Escapists
Developer: Mouldy Toof Studios
Price: £6.99

Ever wondered if you’d be able to escape a prison? Haven’t got the balls to commit a heinous crime to get into prison to test your theory? Worry not, The Escapists can be your outlet.

Unlike the aforementioned Prison Architect, where you goal is to keep prisoners in, The Escapists puts you in the shackled of an inmate and challenges you to escape the confines of the prison boundaries. It’s tough and sometimes a little confusing, but the satisfaction you get from pulling off the perfect prison escape eclipses everything.

The Escapists is currently in Early Access, so there’s a few bugs here and there, but for the most part it’s a damn good game. Now if only we could escape the “one more go” feeling…