Feature: Top 10 Indie Games On Steam You Have Got To Play


Gang Beasts
Developer: Boneloaf
Price: £11.99

Now a lot of people don’t know it, but the PC platform is pretty good for local multiplayer games. Granted, there aren’t a great deal of them about, but Gang Beasts is one of the finest indie games ever created for it.

Think Super Smash Bros. on whiskey and you have Gang Beasts. You’ll battle it out with friends in the hazardous maps with some physics involved, resulting in the funniest fighting game ever. Seriously worth a look if you’re in need of some local multiplayer games for when your buddies come round.


Goat Simulator
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
Price: £6.99

Have you felt an emptiness inside yourself? Have you ever wondered; What is love? What is life? Have you ever sat in a field all day eating grass and defecating wherever you please, but felt it just wasn’t enough? Goat Simulator will help you find inner peace and guidance as you control a goat.

Literally, you control a goat. It’s not going to help you find inner peace. You could strap goats milk to your stomach, lie in a field of goats and feed the young and get a better idea as to what life is like as a goat. But you’ll never know the joy of back flipping in somebody’s house as a goat. For the silly fun you can have in Goat Simulator, it earns its place on this list.

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