Feature: Top 5 Christmas Moments In Video Games

christmasHo Ho Ho, tis the season to play tons of video games, so stuff your stocking this year with this list of classic Christmas moments. Clips to be enjoyed with a  bucket of sherry and  a hammock of mince pies.


Number 5 – Christmas Call of Duty, ZOMBIE ELFS
It was the night before Christmas and Santa Claus was in the garage making sure his sled was in working order. His ears then pricked up as a loud scream from his workshop grabbed his attention, what he found was a batch of newly made ZOMBIE ELFS. So Santa pulled out his gun and un loaded a merry load of bullets.

Number 4 – Super Mario Bros 2, Christmas Edition
Have you ever wondered how Super Mario would look in a Christmas hat? well feed your curiosity with this video clip of Super Mario Bros 2, Christmas Edition. Watch as Mario batters Frosty The Snowman into a puddle of milk.

Number 3- Santa Claus Saves The Earth
SANTA A-AH, SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE! “epic guitar riff” SANTA A-AH, KING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE! With Santa stuck in enchanted lands by the evil Nilam on Christmas Eve, will Santa escape and get all the presents to all earth’s children? He’s for every one of us, stands for every one of us

Number 2 – Home Alone 2
What other video game’s final boss level is situated on top of a constipated Christmas tree (look at its face) whilst a young boy and a pigeon lady fight two crooks, Call of duty? I don’t think so.

Number 1 – Grand Theft Auto 4, Christmas MOD
Words can not describe how awesome  this video is so I will just let the clip do the talking. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


What’s your favourite Christmassy video game moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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