Feature: Why Should Developers Bother With PS Vita?

killzone-mercenary-ps-vitaI’d just like to make one thing clear, this isn’t a PS Vita “doom and gloom” piece. It’s just a quick look at why developers should bother investing in making original game, or even ports for the PS Vita.

I love the PS Vita, it’s a great console and fills a gap that tablets and smartphones just can’t. It provides great gameplay, great controls and for the most part great graphics. It’s getting cheaper too, with the price cut in Japan sales have rocketed and the console is picking up popularity over here in the West too, but is it appealing to developers?

The PlayStation 4 was announced a few weeks ago, and ever since we’ve all been lapping up any details we can, debating on whether RAM is important and what Microsoft will have with their next Xbox. One thing really stuck out for me though, and to be honest, I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been picked up on by the masses that trawl the internet.

The PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita are set to be the ultimate duo in gaming, allowing you to stream your PlayStation 4 games to your nifty handheld, taking away the need for the television and allowing you to sit quietly in a corner with a pair of headphones and ignore the world as you play through top games, all on your PS Vita. That’s not all, there’s also Gaikai to think about. Sony purchased the online gaming firm months back for around $380 million, if I remember correctly. Gaikai has been tipped to be the future of the PlayStation brand, allowing you to stream your favourite titles, whether they are PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 games straight onto your PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

It does beg the quest: why should developers bother making PS Vita games? If the capability is there to allow instant streaming to the device, why bother making a not so great port when customers can just get the premium version that is made for the top-tier console and play it on their PS Vita? Why waste money and resources on creating a PS Vita version when you can just produce one game and have it on both consoles? It’s not a definite thing at this moment in time, we still don’t know how the PlayStation 4 streaming to the PS Vita will work out of the gate when Sony’s latest home console releases later this year, but it’s worth thinking about in the meantime. It’s not to say that developers just won’t bother with the Vita, but if you could provide the best experience for the least amount of cash, wouldn’t you?

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What do you reckon? Will streaming eventually replace regular PS Vita games, or do you think our little carts are safe for now? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. That Remote Play? So tantalizing! But frankly, it’s been a carrot they’ve been dangling before our noses for far too long. They could have made it mandatory that all of their PS3 games released after Vita came out had remote play. But they didn’t, it’s optional. Sony could have gone back and patched their first party games to play remotely through the Vita. But, as far as i know, they have only done two: Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection, and the God of War collection (the one with the PS2 games, I forget what that particular collection is called). Hackers (!) have prevalently shown that they are capable of making games play remotely. Why hasn’t Sony? I mean, they have to do it first. Make all first party games have that feature mandatory. And then, when it picks up steam and people demand it, the 3rd party publishers will follow suit.
    As for streaming games… well, so much can go wrong to sour your play experience. And then there’s you’re bandwidth issues with your ISP and overage charges if you go beyond your limit. And if you game online, you will. I know by experience. And that’s IF high speed internet is available in your area. For now, streaming all games is a nice pipe dream, but until the technology catches up to the dream of a cloud based future, physical media and one-off digital downloads don’t seem to be going anywhere.
    One thing’s for sure: It’d sure be cool!

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