Feature: Xbox One vs PS4 – Who Wins? We Win

ps4vsxobxoneSince the reveal of the Xbox One many outlets and fans from both factions have been engaging in a war of words as to which console is superior and how they will reign supreme in the next generation of home consoles.

The answer is a lot simpler than many would have you believe. It’s not about fancy graphics, voice control, motion control or how much and what type of RAM the console has; it’s what it brings to the gaming table.

No matter which console you find yourself aligning with, you’re in for some treats. The PS4 and Xbox One are strikingly similar but offer enough to differentiate from each other, whether it be different features of exclusive games, they’re each going to be providing years of entertainment and will be taking the pride of place in millions of living rooms, millions of living rooms that belong to people who just want to enjoy their newly purchased console and not engage in a console “war.”

The fact that these silly “wars” have even broken out yet is ridiculous, neither console has been touched by the hands of a single end-user. Nobody is in any position to judge either console at this point, so I’m urging you to stay away from the petty arguments and make your own mind up. If you’ve had an Xbox 360 and want to get an Xbox One, then go for it. If PS3 was your gaming machine this generation and you’re looking forward to the PS4, again, go for it. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t make an informed decision before you make your purchase. Personally, I see no difference between buying a new console and a pair of walking boots. In each case I’d want to know what sets these boots/console apart from the others, what technology inside will be keeping my feet dry/entertainment fulfilling. So by all means get the facts before you invest a large amount of money into your new purchase, make sure you want it and then make the plunge.

Basically, don’t fall for the gaming media and the biased articles spewing from each and every corner. Make your own mind up and enjoy what is sure to be another great generation of great games and no matter what you choose, we’re the real winners.

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  1. Sadly, it's all the news media hype and simple jumping to conclusions that are stirring up this pot. Although, I am wary of XB1 and it's always on Kinect and Kinect is mandatory or the system won't work and the Kinect is constantly listening to you to see if you'll say 'Xbox: On.' That's just really bad… But at least Microsoft has all their bad stuff out of the way! It can only get better from here for them, right? am I right? You know I'm right. Meanwhile, anything Sony drops that's not perceived as 'awesome' by the community will lead to the inevitable fall out that gamers love to engage in.

  2. actually they did an interview with eurogamer

    Kinect isn't required

    they said it would be included with all consoles so that IF developers wanted they could add Kinect functionality to every game BUT developers are not required to

    also they said the Kinect's useage depends on the user he said basically if all u want is to use the voice to turn on the xbox or turn it off that's all u have to do u don't have to have it always on

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