Feautre: The World’s First Bendable Gaming Device – The iPhone 6

iphone 6

The iPhone 6 has been out for a few days now, and gamers who want their gaming fix on the go should be more than happy with the iPhone 6. The new smartphone from Apple has some interesting features, one of which being its ability to bend.

The iPhone 6 is the first portable device capable of playing games that can also bend. What does this bring to the table in terms of gaming innovation? Not a lot, but you can bend the device to fit your hands better, it’ll even fit better in your back pocket, bending to the curvature of your derrier.

Apple didn’t state the bendy quality of their new device before the release, probably as they wanted to leave it as a surprise for eager fans of the Apple brand, many of whom waited for hours in all weather conditions to be amongst the first to get their hands on the device.

We actually managed to speak to an iPhone 6 owner and get his opinion on the bendy handheld.

TGC: So, Harold. How are you finding your new iPhone 6?

Harold: It’s great, I’m really happy I got it on the day of release. I previously had a Samsung Galaxy S5, but as soon as Apple announced the iPhone 6 I got rid of it. I had to have the latest phone on the market.

TGC: So you’re a tech enthusiast? What do you think of the bendy feature present on the iPhone 6?

Harold: Yeah, you could say that! The bendy feature? Well, I think it’s great. It really came as a surprise to me when I picked my phone out of my pocket and put it on my nightstand. It was then that I noticed that it didn’t lie totally flat.

TGC: Go on.

Harold: Well, I checked it out and the more I applied pressure on each side, the more it bent! Curved screens really are the future.

TGC: How has the bendy feature made the iPhone 6 better than previous models?

Harold: It’s obviously better because it bends. I can watch YouTube videos as if I was watching them on a big curved screen, but on a small screen.

TGC: Right… So what other benefits are there?

Harold: What do you mean? What can I do with the bendy feature?

TGC: Yes, what good is it? Apart from watching videos a little differently.

Harold: Er, games are great on it. I can play games with my bendy screen.

TGC: Is that something you couldn’t have done on a regular phone?

Harold: I could play games on a regular non-bendy phone I guess… Can I go now? I need to get a refund.

It seems Harold wasn’t too impressed with the bendy feature, but not everyone is into innovation…

Has the bendy feature revolutionised your life? Have you made any big decisions since you first bent your iPhone 6? Let us know down below.

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