FF14’s Hatching-Tide Event 2022 (Guide)

A Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Hatching-Tide!
square enix promo art hatching tide 2022
Official artwork for Hatching-Tide 2022

Spring has officially sprung in Eorzea, and nothing says spring like a Happy Hatching-Tide Event! Jihli Aliapoh is nearly hopping with excitement to discuss the miracle that is this year’s Hatching-tide with you. Nearly. As if you didn’t have enough to do with the addition of patch 6.1!

Before you read on, be mindful that this guide will contain spoilers for FFXIV’s Hatching-Tide 2022. You also must be at least level 15 on one battle class to participate.

Where to Begin

Jihli aliapoh the npc standing in mih khettos amplitheatre
Jihli Aliapoh standing on the stage in Mih Khetto’s Amplitheatre.

You can pick up the first quest in the chain, called ‘Hippity, Hoppity, Happily’ from Jihli, standing on the Mih Khetto’s Amplitheatre stage in Old Gridania (X10.2, Y9.4). Jihli is enlisting your services as a seasoned adventurer to procure some eggs from Master Pawlin’s chickens at the Greatloam Growery. Seeing this already be a challenge, it’s time to seek out Nonotta – a friend of Jihli’s who will provide further guidance. Head to the Mih Khetto’s Aetheryte and teleport to the Botanist’s Guild. Nanotta is just east of the Aetheryte when you arrive (X 5.3, Y 7.8); upon speaking with her, a cutscene will play.

Fugitive Rabbits

Nanotta informs you that they have been having some trouble getting some eggs from the chickens in Master Oawlin’s flock! It seems that the chickens have flown the coop, following after some bunny-like creatures of legend who promised them good fortune. It’s time to search for those birds! Head back to the Botanist’s aetheryte. You’ll start by talking with a possible witness near the Mih Khetto’s Aetheryte shard in an orange area marked on your map (X 8.3, Y 8.6).

Head back to the Mih Khetto’s aetheryte shard and teleport to the New Gridania Aetheryte Plaza. More witnesses are standing around. You only need to speak to one in a bunny suit outside the Carline Canopy – (X 12.5, Y 13.4). This Hatching-Tide Helpmeet informs you that the rabbits and chickens have fled the city and into the forest. Teleport to Bentbranch Meadows in the central shroud to participate in a FATE – “Happiness is a Warm Bunny” – located approximately at (X 25.3, Y 29.6). Please note: it may take several minutes for the FATE to spawn. You will have to speak with an NPC for the fate to commence.

Bunnies Acquired

During this FATE you will have to catch some troublesome rabbit creatures with a net. Once the FATE is complete, you will receive three Fortune Eggs in your inventory. It’s time to tell Jihli that you put your keen hunting skills to good use! Teleport to New Gridania, then use the Aethernet to return to Mih Khetto’s Amplitheatre, where Jihli is still standing on the stage. Upon speaking with our Egg-hat headed friend, a cutscene will play. After the cutscene, talk with Nanotta, who should be standing right next to Jihli. It’s time to hand out some eggs to some possibly familiar friends! After, speak with Jihli once more. As a reward for your hard work, you will receive a new minion upon completion – The Hatching Bunny!

Rewards for the Hatching-Tide event
The Hatching Bunny Minion, as well as some rewards available for exchange from the Egg Advocate.

Loot, Rewards, & Extras

Suppose you would like to receive the new emote, ‘Eat Egg.’ You will need to participate in the event-specific FATE at least three times for nine Fortune eggs. Then, exchange with the blue chicken suit-clad Egg Advocate, standing in the amplitheatre (X 10.2, Y 9.2). They also have housing items and a magicked prism for exchange. You can also speak with Nanotta again to hand out eggs to more Gridanian residents that you didn’t see on your first go.

rewards available for exhange for hatching-tide 2022
Rewards available for exchange from Dreamer, the Egg Advocate in Mih Khetto’s Amplitheatre.

That’s everything you need to know to have a Happy Hatching-Tide Celebration! The event will take place from Wednesday April 13th until Wednesday April 27, 2022. Come back here for Final Fantasy XIV news, guides, and future updates!