FF14’s Make It Rain Campaign 2022 (Guide)

Stay strong, and Make It Rain!
sqex official art make it rain campaign 2022
Square Enix Official Promotional artwork for Make It Rain Campaign 2022.

The dog days of summer are almost upon us. What better way to celebrate than making it rain? Final Fantasy XIV’s Make It Rain Campaign has returned once again! The Gold Saucer attendants are poised to promote their establishment far and wide, but a certain sabotender sabotages the plans.

Keep in mind that this guide contains spoilers for FFXIV’s Make It Rain 2022. Also, You must be level 15 on at least one battle class and have completed one of the following Main Scenario Quests: “The Gridanian Envoy,” “The Ul’dahn Envoy,” or “The Lominsan Envoy.”

Where to Start

Ollier NPC standing in Ul'dah to start the quest chain for the seasonal event.
Ollier standing in Ul’dah on Emerald Avenue.

You’ll be starting in Ul’dah, where you will speak to Ollier (X 9.4, Y 9.2) to pick up the quest ‘A Prickly Plaint.’ Ollier informs you that he and his colleagues are having trouble getting the Make It Rain campaign off the ground, as one of them seemingly lost all his confidence. Ollier asks if you could try to talk to the poor guy as an impartial third party. He then tells you that his colleague is in Limsa Lominsa, so that’s where you’ll be off to next. From the aetheryte plaza, teleport to the Aftcastle, where Ollier will be a few paces south (X 11.5, Y 13.6); upon speaking with him, a cutscene will play.

You and Ollier watch Senor Sabotender interact with a couple of passersby, and clearly, something is off with him. Walk across the plaza to see if you can get details on what’s wrong with the spiky fellow (X 11.3, Y 13.9). You’ll get some dialog choices, which will result in Senor Sabotender rushing off toward the west through the Hyaline. Track him down to see if he’ll talk to you. You’ll come across a sparkling destination to interact with (X 9.6, Y 13.4), which will trigger another cut scene.

You find out that Senor Sabotender isn’t a real sabotender at all! He is but a young Lalafel named Nanaphon, trying to express all the wonders of the Gold Saucer. He feels he cannot do so adequately enough while upholding his vow of silence while adorned in the sabotender mascot suit. You volunteer to help Nanaphon by being his voice and helping spread the good word of The Gold Saucer. Speak with him once more to iron out some details.

Nanaphon standing on the Hyaline bridge.
Nanaphon, the Lalafel behind the Gold Saucer mascot.

Time to get to work

Once you hear the pitch, head back east to the Aftcastle plaza to wait for Senor Sabotender at another glittering destination spot (X 11.7, Y 14.3). A shorter cutscene will play. After exchanging determined glances, it’s time to Make It Rain words of praise in Limsa! Start in the upper decks, and head east to The Missing Member. Speak with Rhoswen (X 12.9, Y 13.8), where they will present you with some more dialogue choices. If you tell Rhoswen that she could bring a date, it moves the conversation along. After that, head north to the Aftcastle aetheryte (X 11.5, Y 12.6) and use it to teleport to the Culinarian’s Guild, where you will speak to Lyngsath, the Guildmaster (X 10.1, Y 8.2). If you tell him there will be good food, he considers making the trip to the desert.

Head out of the guild hall and back to the aetheryte (X 10.0, Y 8.6) and teleport the Hawker’s Alley, where you’ll find Kyokyoroon just a few steps west (X 6.6, Y 12.2). As Kyokyoroon loves sparkly things, you have no trouble convincing him that he could become a Gillionaire if he takes a trip to the Gold Saucer. Head back to the Hawker’s Alley aetheryte and use it to teleport to the Fisherman’s Guild, where you will speak to Wawalago, who is just southeast of the guild hall on the dock (X 8.1, Y 15.3). By informing Wawalago about seeing some gorgeous garb, he’ll be on the next airship to the Saucer.

Making it Rain

Walk back over to the aetheryte and use it to teleport to the Aftcastle to speak with Senor Sabotender once more (X 11.2, Y 13.9). Upon speaking with him, yet another cutscene will play. Ollier will rush to inform you two that you must return to the Gold Saucer at once! You can teleport directly there, or if you do not have the teleport unlocked yet, you can use the Aftcastle aetheryte to teleport to the Limsa Airship landing, and then use the airship to ferry you over to the Gold Saucer, for free, of course!

Speak with Ollier (X 5.0, Y 7.6), standing south of the Entrance and Card Squares Aetheryte. The final cutscene will play, in which Ollier will inform you that business at the Gold Saucer is booming thanks to your efforts in Limsa Lominsa!

Quest Rewards

New emotes that you can get as rewards for completing the quests.
The new /showleft and /showright emotes.

Upon the quest’s conclusion, you will receive a new set of emotes: /showleft and /showright! Perfect for showing off your favorite things. If there was something you were saving MGP for, now is the time to buy it! While you’re at the Gold Saucer, it might be worth it to play some games you don’t usually play – MGP reward payouts are increased by 50% during the limited-time event. Also, something to note, rewards that you can receive from Crystal Tower Striker, Monster Toss, Cuff-a-Cur, and other items are for sale for a reduced MGP cost, as well as the new Moogle Balloons, from the Campaign Attendant (X 5.3, Y 6.3) – not to be confused with the Prize Claim attendant.

the campaign attendant standing in front of Gold Saucer decorations
The campaign attendant standing in the Gold Saucer, where you can exchange MGP for prizes.

The Make It Rain Campaign 2022 takes place from Friday, June 3rd through Monday, June 20th, so don’t miss out on your opportunities to make it rain, and be sure to check back here for Final Fantasy 14 updates, news, and guides!