FF14 Post Endwalker Story Explained

So you walked the End. What else is left?
FF14 Post Endwalker Story Explained
FF14 Post Endwalker

Proceed with caution, this guide contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker!

Congratulations, fellow Warrior of Light! You did it! You conquered queue savage, beat Zenos, prevented another calamity, and booted Fandaniel into the next rejoining!

Now what?

That post MSQ depression hits harder this time, doesn’t it? There’s no threat of Zodiark clashing with Hydaelyn, and no new BBEG.

Thankfully there will be a ton of content added to the game through patches and updates, as well as things to do right after you get your shiny new ‘Endwalker’ title for handing in the final quest to Tartaro.

Aether Currents

What should you do first? Maybe finish up those pesky aether currents you ignored while you were going through the MSQ. Some will be blue quests, and some will just be the little green clouds all over the map. Something to make the task a little less daunting: You can now use your aether compass while mounted! Gone are the days of having to dismount to see how many yalms you must walk, which is a real time saver.

Statue of the God Thaliak, the scholar, overlooking the harbor.
The statue of Thaliak overlooking Scholar’s Harbor

Expert Roulette

If you head over to Old Sharlayan, just down the steps from the Aether Crystal is a Panic-stricken Loporrit (X 11.8, Y 11.4). From there you will unlock a quest called Cutting the Cheese, which in turn, by following the short questline will unlock the dungeon Smileton. This is half of the dungeons you need to unlock in order to access Expert Roulette currently.

To continue unlocking Expert Roulette, you can find Jammingway the Loporrit, who is just a few steps west of the Scholar’s Harbor aethernet shard (X 11, Y 13.8). Upon speaking to him, you will commence upon a quest chain that will unlock the dungeon The Stigma Dreamscape. Now farming for the new currency – Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism – will be a piece of cake!

Extreme Trials

While you are in Old Sharlayan, you can talk to the Wandering Minstrel and unlock the Minstrel’s Ballad (EX) version of The Dark Inside and The Mothercrystal. To find the Minstrel, go to the Old Sharlayan Aether Crystal to access the aethernet, then teleport to Scholar’s Harbor. From there, he is located at X 12.7, Y 14.2, which is just a few steps east of the Scholar’s Harbor crystal.

The wandering minstrel in scholar's harbor in old sharlayan
The Wandering Minstrel standing in Old Sharlayan

Do you ever try to queue into a new Extreme Trial only to find that your item level is too low? Those new Tomestones of Aphorism will come in handy! These tomes, which were introduced in 6.0, drop from level 90 dungeons, trials, and raids, getting lines in your Wondrous Tails, as well as running daily roulettes on a job that is at the current level cap. You can carry a maximum of 2,000 of these tomestones at a time. At present, these tomes are used to purchase ilevel 570 Armor, Weapons, and Accessories from Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X 10.8, Y 10.4).

Here is a price breakdown:

Paladin Sword350
Paladin Shield150

Role Quests

Unless you leveled alternate classes during your quest to the moon, you will have to level at least one Job from each Class type to do the blue Role quests. The first quest for each role has a pick up level of 85. These quests can be done in tandem with your MSQ, or completed anytime after unlocking them. These quests are located in Radz-at-Han in the Sundrop room of The Hall of the Radiant Host (X 7.8, Y 9.5). From there, you can speak to the Delegate for the quest that corresponds with your currently equipped role.

The delegates are as follows:

TankHealerMelee DPSPhysical Ranged DPSMagical Ranged DPS
Gridanian DelegateAla Mhigan DelegateLominsan DelegateDoman DelegateIshgardian Delegate
The Sundrop room in Radz-at-Han
The Sundrop room in The Hall of the Radiant Host

There is a lot of things still available to do, long after you have finished going through this guide. At present, there are crafting and gathering leveling and role quests, miscellaneous side quests, shared fates, fate farming (you can never have too many bicolor gemstones), The Starlight Celebration (only until December 31st), sightseeing log, and Guildship Hunts. There will also be more content coming on December 21st, including the new Pandæmonium Raids. Not to mention all the content coming over the next few months – Island Sanctuary, Savage Raids, Crystal Conflict PVP, new treasure hunt instance the Excitatron 6000, in-game events (All Saints Wake is slated for January 2022), and much more.

Eorzea still has much in store for you, Warriors! May you ever walk in the light.

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