FF14’s Heavensturn 2022 (Guide)

Heavensturn is back for 2022! Here’s how you can get your loot before its gone.
FF14's Heavensturn 2022 (Guide)
FF14’s Heavensturn

The best way to ring in the New Year is with Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn Event!

If you’ve never done one before, or you need a refresh, keep reading to find out how to get your Kabuto armor! Keep in mind; This guide contains spoilers for the event.

It’s also important to note that you will need at least one combat class at level 15 before you can pick up the first quest.

The tora bugyo standing in the aftcastle in limsa lominsa
The Tora Bugyo standing in the Aftcastle
Where to start

You’ll be starting in the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. The closest aetheryte is The Aftcastle shard. From the Aftcastle shard, head south where you will find the Tora Bugyo ( X 11.5, Y 13.9). He will have the quest ‘Tangle with a Tora’, which starts the Heavensturn adventure. Tora will proceed to tell you that they need help in a ceremony to quell evil forces and you are just the adventurer to provide!

You then will head over to middle La Noscea and participate in a FATE called “Tora Tora, Burning Bright”. You can use the Aftcastle aetheryte shard to the Zephyr Gate, and then just foot it a couple of yalms east. The fate will spawn toward the south, marked by an orange circle on your map (approximately X 24.1, Y 26.3). Then you just have to hang out until the FATE pops!

What to do

The FATE will sync your level down to 5, and you will have to slay a phantom Byakko! So long as you have a few people doing the FATE with you, it should go pretty smoothly. There will be a lot of large AOEs you will need to dodge quickly, so plan accordingly – and don’t forget your Chocobo if you have one! After completing the fate, you will receive 10 Heavensturn of the Tiger Tickets. Now, report to the Tora Bugyo to tell him of your success!

Loot you can get from the festival supplier in the aftcastle
The Gold and Silver Tora Kabuto (left) and The White Tiger housing item (right)

As a reward, you can choose between a Golden Tora Kabuto, or a Silver Tora Kabuto to use as glamour items. You can exchange the Tiger Tickets you received with the Tora Shonin (X 11.3, Y 13.6) to pick up the Kabuto you did not receive, The White Tiger housing item, as well as Zoni and magicked prisms (Advent Cakes). You can participate in the FATE again to earn more Tickets to exchange for more things from the Tora Shonin.

The Tora Bugyo will have another quest for you – hand out some advent cakes to the townsfolk! Use the Aftcastle aetheryte to teleport to Hawker’s Alley, cakes in hand. Speak with the Mochi Daikan ( X 7.2, Y 11.9), and follow him to where you will hand out cakes to some familiar faces. Report back to the Tora Bugyo to receive some rice cakes for yourself! You can repeat the ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ quest throughout the Heavensturn event.

The 2022 Heavensturn event will last from January 5th to January 19th, so be sure you don’t miss out!

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