FFXIV housing permit: How to get and can you have more than one?

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There are many fun aspects to FFXIV, including housing. This guide will walk you through how to get a housing permit in FFXIV and whether you can have more than one. The housing market is incredibly competitive and can be a bit difficult to understand at first, especially for those who are new to the game. 

Saving up for a house in FFXIV is the first struggle in the game, as they cost a lot of Gil. The second challenge is actually being able to win the lottery and get a house. However, for those who enjoy interior design or in-game photography, having your own place to decorate is fun and can be nice for those who like to have somewhere to show off.

Here is how you can get a housing permit in FFXIV.

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How to get a Housing Permit in FFXIV

There are multiple types of housing spaces that you can buy depending on how large you want the house to be. The first thing you will have to do is decide on the size of the house you want and save up for it so that you will be able to afford the plot of land.

You can choose from the following different housing types:

  • Apartments
  • Small plot
  • Medium plot
  • Large plot
  • Private Chambers

Now that you have decided on the type of land that you are going to purchase, you are going to have to go interact with the billboard next to the land and indicate whether you want to purchase the land for a Free Company or Private Space. 

The next part is buying the Construction Permit for your house. There are a couple of steps for this part.

  • Open the social menu in FFXIV
  • Find the drop-down menu that is labelled Housing
  • Choose the option Estate Hall
  • Once in, you can purchase a permit and choose what type of building you want
  • Select Build Estate Hall and your building is finished!

The building will take between a couple of hours to 20+ hours, and it is completely random as to how long you will have to wait for it.

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Can you have more than one Housing Permit?

In FFXIV you can’t own more than one property. You can have one Free Company property and one private property. This means that you can’t purchase additional plots. You can only have one private plot and a Free company plot per World per service account. This means that even if you had a separate character, you would not be able to purchase another house.

In order to purchase land as a Free Company, it has to have four members or more. Equally, if you leave a Free Company and you were not the owner of the land, you will then be able to purchase your own land for a Free Company if you decide to start your own.

That is everything you need to know about purchasing a housing permit in FFXIV. For more information on FFXIV, keep reading The Games Cabin.