FFXIV’s All Saints’ Wake 2022 (Guide)

At last; it’s finally time! Here is what to do for FF14’s January All Saints’ Wake event!
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Please note you must be at least level 15 to pick up this quest as well as previously have completed the MSQ “It’s Probably Pirates.” Also, be warned that this does contain spoilers for the event.

Where to start

Find yourself in Old Gridania and talk to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator (X 10.4, Y 8.4) – to the right of the Mih Khetto’s Amplitheatre Aetheryte Shard. He will have a quest for you called ‘All Clowns Wake.’ He’s looking for a seasoned adventurer to help investigate the mischievous Continental Circus. You’ll need to ask some Gridanian locals about the mysterious Scarlet Snout.

Where to start
The Adventurers’ Guild Investigator.

Start in Old Gridania and find the Fool Hardy Chap (X 8.0, Y 8.4) – just over the bridge to the left of the Mih Khetto’s Aetheryte – and the Excitable Lad (X 13.4, Y 6.2), who is just a few steps north of the Lancer’s Guild Aetheryte. Next, use the closest aetheryte to teleport to the Gridania Aetheryte Plaza. You can then find the Rumormonger (X 10.4, Y 11.4) just over the bridge to the left, as well as the Dignified Lady sitting inside the Carline Canopy (X 11.8, Y 13.1).

You find out that this Scarlet Snout is a generous guy, dressed in some jester garb and having a private dinner. Time to tell the investigator what you found! Head over to the Aetheryte Plaza and teleport to the Mih Khetto’s Shard.

Upon telling the investigator what you found out, you both agree that it is a little strange that the Scarlet Snout is just inviting random strangers to his home. The investigator tells you of some sightings down by the river and asks you to head over to the Leatherworkers’ Guild to conduct more recon. Use the Aetheryte Shard again to teleport to the Leatherworkers’ Aetheryte, then run under the bridge of the guildhall to lie in wait at the glittering destination (X 11.9, Y 8.6).

The plot thickens

As you wait, a mysterious voice calls out to you – the Scarlet Snout! He appears behind you as if out of thin air. He introduces himself as Papa Gruff and invites you to his private banquet! He warns you not to tell anyone, or else…

He’s joking! Duh! Time to report back to the investigator, who is just on the other side of the bridge. After giving him the news, he decides the best course of action is to play along for now. He will then ask you to head over to Bentbranch Meadows to conduct more observations. From the Bentbranch Aetheryte, go a few steps southeast.

The destination is in the river (X 23.1, Y 23.3, Z 0.2), where you will lie in wait yet again. A cutscene will start, in which you find out that Papa Gruff and his family are plotting you and the other party guests’ doom! Time to inform the investigator that his suspicions were confirmed! Speak to the investigator again to pick up the next quest in the chain, ‘A Feats to Remember.’

He will introduce you to Marke, a specialist in occult matters, which will aid your plans. You will then watch another cutscene, where Marke will tell you about the history of All Saints Wake and how this could play into Scarlet Snout’s plans. He will then give you some items that may or may not help you on your quest, which is very reassuring.

Papa Gruff – The Scarlet Snout – standing under a bridge.

Rewards and completing the quest

Find Papa Gruff under the bridge in the river (X 22.8, Y 22.7, Z 0.2), where he will tell you that he’s finished preparing for the day’s festivities. You can then speak to the Harlequin Guide to enter the light party instance – this instance has no class or level requirements, so you can go in with a premade party of four people or be matched up with random people.

Please note that you will need about 15 minutes to complete the instance, as it is almost the length of a dungeon. Once in the instance, you don’t use any job skills, you simply use your lantern on the wraiths, and holy water on the Souls.

You will need 19 cookies total (3 perfect tries at the instance – or just two runs for the outfit) to get everything the Shady Smock – Continental Circus Vendor – has to offer (X 10.3, Y 9.2). To get the maximum number of cookies per run, you will need to free all 30 souls.

Rewards and completing the quest
All the items you can exchange cookies for from the circus vendor.

Thankfully Marke didn’t let you down, and you have safely returned from the spectral realm! Give the investigator a cookie, and enjoy what else All Saints Wake has to offer! You can enter the instanced dungeon again by speaking to the Harlequin Guide in Mih Khetto’s (X 10.2, Y 9.4). If you speak to the Genial Guiser (X10.1, Y 9.1), you can enter a decorated instance of Haukke Manor, which has some exciting surprises (and great Gpose opportunities).

All Saints Wake will run from January 20th through February 2nd, so don’t clown around and get your loot while you can!


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