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Fibers in New World are a Tier I Resource. Fibers can be used to make Armor, Engineering, Furnishing, and Weaving. Materials are usually found in nature and can often be harvested with certain tools. These materials are known as Raw Materials. These Raw Materials can be further refined at certain Crafting Stations to become Refined Materials.

Type: Resource

Description: Raw resource used in crafting.

Derived From: Harvesting Hemp

Where Can I Find Fibers?

What Uses Fibers in New World?

Trade SkillRecipeFibers Needed
EngineeringWooden Fishing Pole1
ArmoringSet of Rugged Crude Iron Armor10
Armoring Set of Toughened Crude Iron Armor12
Armoring Set of Stout Crude Iron Armor8
Armoring Set of Hardened Crude Iron Armor15
Armoring Set of Stalwart Crude Iron Armor18
Armoring Set of Unyielding Crude Iron Armor20
Armoring Set of Impenetrable Crude Iron Armor26
FurnishingWicker Basket25
Furnishing Rusty Iron Lantern5
Furnishing Warm Iron Chandelier – Bright5
Furnishing Warm Iron Lantern – Bright5
Furnishing Target Dummy10
Furnishing Colorful Wind Chimes5
Furnishing Robust Wind Chimes5

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