FIFA 23 Cheapest 85 Rated Players

The market has settled quite nicely following the release of FIFA 23, leaving many high-rated cards to have found a set price depending on their rating, rather than just their pace. Now, an array of SBCs are launching, and the FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players are crucial for getting the best cards in Ultimate Team.

In order to complete many of these flashy SBC players, the FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players will boost your team rating for very few coins. So, if you need a cheeky budget buy to complete your challenge, here are the FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players in Ultimate Team.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Premier League

  • IF Leandro Trossard – 15,750 Coins
  • Ilkay Gundogan – 15,750 Coins
  • Diogo Jota – 16,000 Coins
  • Phil Foden – 16,000 Coins
  • Jamie Vardy – 16,000 Coins

The Premier League has arguably the biggest supply of 85 rated cards, and it is a good thing that most of them have significantly dropped in price since the start of this FIFA.

You can reliably build almost an entire 85 rated Premier League team for cheap, but the cards found above are the ones you’ll want to always be checking.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Bundesliga

  • Matthijs de Ligt – 15,500 Coins
  • RTTF Tuta – 15,500 Coins
  • Lars Ricken – 15,500 Coins
  • MOTM Florian Wirtz – 15,750 Coins
  • Peter Gulacsi – 16,000 Coins

Here’s where the FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players are in the plenty. There are only seven base 85s in the Bundesliga, but all of them are cheap choices. Outside of the top five, which all fluctuate around the 15K mark, you’ll also find Bayern Munich painting Serge Gnabry (16K) and De Ligt (15.5K).

The Bayen and Dortmund combinations might just be the cheapest link in the game.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Liga Santander

  • Memphis Depay – 15,250 Coins
  • Gerard Moreno – 15,500 Coins
  • Jordi Alba – 15,500 Coins
  • Marcos Acuna – 15,750 Coins
  • Yannick Carrasco – 15,750 Coins

LaLiga is probably the best source for cheap 85 rated cards alongside the Premier League, as the prices here are slightly lower than the other comparative options. Players like Gerard Moreno and Sergio Busquets are always going to be reliable picks if you just need one or two to fill out a squad.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Serie A

  • Winter Wildcards Daniele Verde – 14,500 Coins
  • Filip Kostic – 15,750 Coins
  • Paul Pogba – 16,000 Coins
  • Theo Hernandez – 16,000 Coins
  • IF Gianluca Mancini – 16,000 Coins

With the release of various TOTW cards we have finally reached beyond just Kostic and Pogba on the budget end of things. You will of course have to pay slightly more for the premium of an inform card, but if there are certain requirements in your SBC then it might be worth the investment.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Ligue 1

  • IF Lois Openda – 17,000 Coins
  • IF Gaetan Laborde – 17,000 Coins
  • Stories Lovro Majer – 17,500 Coins
  • IF Jonathan David – 21,000 Coins
  • Winter Wildcards Ismaily – 21,500 Coins

Weirdly enough, there are no base 85 rated players in Ligue 1 or any other leagues in FIFA 23. However, there are still a couple of options that you can pick up if you really do need to get an 85 rated card from the French first division, although you will have to pay a premium for it.

You’ll be flying through the TOTY Series challenges with this list of the FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players.