FIFA Player Signs for Professional Football Team

Think you’re pretty good at FIFA? Consistently slipping in the sweaty goals online? Well, no matter how good you reckon you are with EA’s footy game, you’ll probably end up rage-quitting should you play against David Bytheway.

The young FIFA player has been signed up to premier German football side Wolfsburg, but not in the position you’d imagine. David won’t be donning Wolfsburg’s green strip on the pitch, but he will be during his livestreams and professional FIFA tournaments. Yes, this kid has been signed by a top European football team to play the beautiful game digitally.

“E-sports is growing so much every year with all the viewers it’s generating. Wolfsburg can see the potential and so they want to be the first to do it,” David told BBC Newsbeat Radio.

Fair play to the lad, we’re not jealous one bit. Not. One. Bloody. Bit.