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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets a New Trailer

Those lads who run around with stupidly long swords and daft haircuts are coming back in style with the Final Fantasy 7 remake on PlayStation 4. Today, in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment showed off even more of the upcoming remake from Square Enix with a fancy new cinematic and gameplay trailer. For Final Fantasy fans it’s a nice little treat, for everyone else… Well, maybe you’ll be converted and inspired to style your own hair like that in future.

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  1. I was leery when SE announced this, but this trailer looks very promising! Not only does it look the way the game looked in my mind almost 20 years ago (!), but it appears, based on the commands you can see in the video, that they haven’t ruined the battle system either! Looking forward to seeing more of this game next year!

    1. Depends on your version of ruined. I would love the original battle system but nothing after FF12. It looks like it won’t be a dealbreaker but I’ll have to see more. The one thing I don’t understand is the people wanting a remake are the ones who grew up with the original so why does SE feel the need to change it? They have FF15 coming so why change this one? There’s a reason why FF7 sold the amount it did and the ones after it didn’t. Change is not always for the better.

      1. By ruined I meant I was worried they were going to go straight-up action (vs. any kind of turn-based). 12 was my favorite of the series so I wouldn’t mind something along those lines. Of course it’s damn near impossible to tell what they’re doing based on a teaser trailer – I just felt it showed there’s potential (I’ve always been a “glass half full” person!).

        1. I agree and I’m definitely intrigued. As a fan of FF7 I just don’t want SE to make something that’s not true to the original. While only turn-based can be outdated in today’s terms for new age people, a slightly altered version is something I can live with. I’ll have to see more of it before casting judgment. I think the only reason they showed it the way they did was to gauge feedback. Needless to say, they’re treading on very thin ice with fans of the original.

          1. As a fan of the original, I couldn’t agree with you more! I think they should look to Divinity: Original Sin for their combat system. I know I’m really into pipe dream territory, but I believe it would be a good fit.

    2. I’m a bit of a scumbag – I never actually played a single Final Fantasy. As a child I couldn’t be bothered with numbers and all that jazz, so I stuck to games with big explosions and loud noises. That said, I’m older now and I can appreciate the slower, more tactical gameplay, and this trailer (even though I’m not on board with the fashion…) looks pretty cool. So yeah, I might be giving this one a go!

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