Final Fantasy XIV Gets Festive Holiday Event Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV tends to have a bit of a legacy of content-heavy updates. From regular patches with new story content to the famous Halloween and spring events, and even the slightly infamous events like when Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII suddenly turned up and everyone was cosplaying her for months on end.

The latest update is filled with fits of festive frolicking and fancy frippery. Reindeer Chocobos, Christm- I mean Starlight Trees, and fake beards! Oh gosh! There’s a trailer down at the bottom of this post that gives us all a few hints as to what to expect, so be sure to take a peek.

Will the Starlight Festival be enough to get you raring to return to Eorzea’s snow-covered continent? Perhaps not, but for those with active subscriptions it might be nice to enjoy this relative calm before the storm what with Anima Weapon farming and a lengthy series of quests from Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate on their way, along with the usual slew of shiny new things to go raiding for.