Finally, a Flight Sim for iOS/Android That Doesn’t Look Like Total Balls

The guy writing this article if quite fond of flight simulators, if only for the reason that he plays them before each and every flight as a kind of refresher course should the pilot and his buddy decide to kill one another. There have been a slew of flight sims for Android and iOS devices in recent years, some better than others, though they’ve never really hit the spot as far as this fella is concerned.

Welcome, Take Off – The Flight Simulator for iOS and Android devices. Yeah, the name is a bit on the nose but it gets the job done. Take Off – The Flight Simulator actually looks like a decent effort from the developers, Jujubee, and not just another clone of a clone.

The game was announced today for mobile devices and the press release gave the following details:

In addition to a free flight mode which lets players explore the eight main islands of Hawaii in a completely open game world, Take Off – The Flight Simulator will also offer exciting and varied missions including rescue flights, emergency landings, tourist services, cargo transportation and many more. Successful missions are rewarded with new flight licenses, which in turn can be used to unlock bigger planes.

Sounds pretty cool on paper, and it doesn’t look half bad in action, either. However, we’ll wait until our hands have hit the controls before giving too much judgement. You can watch the trailer down below.

Take Off – The Flight Simulator, erm, takes off sometime in April. Stick around and we’ll keep you informed when more information becomes available.