Finding Nem – Er, Ocean Runner Releases This Christmas Eve on Nintendo 3DS

Endless runners used to be constrained only to mobile devices. These days we’re seeing them pop up more frequently on consoles – more specifically, handheld consoles.

The latest such game comes from Polish development outfit Teyon, who will be releasing its endless swimmer – aptly titled Ocean Runner – this Christmas Eve for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be released for the cheap and cheerful price of €2.99 in mainland Europe, while over in the Americas it’ll cost $2.99 when it releases on January 7th, 2016. We fully expect a lawsuit to be filed by Disney soon afterwards.

As expected, the game is a Nintendo eShop-only release. Here’s the description from the game’s developer:

Dive deep for the ultimate race under the sea on Nintendo 3DS™!

Meet Gilbert, a bachelor fish who has fallen deeply in love with the beautiful Pearlina. Like all stunning fish, Pearlina’s one and only dream is to have the largest pearl in the ocean and like any love struck fish, Gilbert is on a mission to find it!

Explore the colorful corals of the ocean in this thrilling underwater runner! Help Gilbert to win his love by earning enough pearls to unlock all the story pieces and reveal the final ending. Dodge and dash at oncoming creatures as you aim to swim the furthest and top the online leaderboards. Venture through caves and collect power-ups, treasure chests and golden shells in this ultimate surf under the sea!

  • An endless swimmer with an interactive sea bed full of water creatures!
  • Awesome power-ups and golden shells to collect!
  • In-game store to purchase new scales, upgradeable power-ups and life-saving items!
  • Online leaderboards to compete for the top spot!
  • Over 20 achievements to accomplish and many more missions to reveal the ending!

There’s a lovely little trailer down below that shows some of the game in action. Obviously, with this being a 3DS release, you’ll be able to play it on your Nintendo 2DS – but you won’t be able to use the 3D effects. Obviously. Say, doesn’t that fish look a little familiar?

This week’s Nintendo eShop update is live, and you can view all the new additions and price-drops here.

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