Fire Emblem Fates Finally Gets A European Release Date

A long awaited release date for us here on this side of the pond has been told upon us for Fire Emblem Fates, May 20th. The games will have 2 versions – Birthright and Conquest; a third adaptation, Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations – will be debuting the same day. This game takes a different approach of playing the backstory based on the other 2 variants; Revelations is scheduled to be an eShop available title only.

A special edition version of the game has been shown off, too. The contents contain: all 3 versions of  Fire Emblem Fates, a double sided poster, steelbook case and an artbook. Along with the special edition of the game, comes a special edition console, of course. The system is themed on the newcomer-character, Corrin, and is coated in a white & black finish.

May 20th cannot come any sooner for us fans in Europe; sadly, it will have too! Maybe Nintendo is under the impression that we need this time to think about which version to choose – as if we can’t just decide right now, Nintendo?! I mean, I’m Team Birth-Con-Birth-Con-Birth …dammit!

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