Fishing Set for New World Increases Efficiency

fishing hat new world

If you are wondering what gear to get for fishing in New World, there is a fisherman’s gear set you can obtain to give you benefits to fishing. Equipping this set will give you:

If you are looking for the fisherman’s set and where you can get it, see the below table:

SlotNameImageStatPerk 1Perk 2
HeadVengeful Fisherman’s Hood20 Focus+20% Rarer Fish Chance+50% Larger Fish Chance
ChestVengeful Fisherman’s Smock20 Focus+3% Cast Distance+50% Larger Fish Chance
HandsVengeful Fisherman’s Gloves20 Focus+20% Rarer Fish Chance +50% Larger Fish Chance
PantsVengeful Fisherman’s Pants20 Focus+3% Cast Distance+50% Larger Fish Chance
BootsVengeful Fisherman’s Boots20 Focus+3% Cast Distance +20% Rarer Fish Chance

The Vengeful Fisherman’s gear can come from multiple sources. The hood, boots, and gloves, all drop from Elite Ancient Chests /Supply Chests, or Supply Stockpile Chests that are T3+. The chest and pants drop from two open world mini bosses.

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