Fix FPS Issues in Halo Infinite

halo infinite framerate fps issues

If you are having performance or FPS issues in Halo Infinite Multiplayer, check these steps to get it solved. Everyone’s PCs have different specs and are quirky in different ways, so some of these fixes for framerate issues in Halo Infinite will work for some, and not for others.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

This should be a no-brainer for any PC player for really any game. Make sure the first thing you do even if you aren’t having performance issues, is update your graphics drivers. If you are using an Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card, go into your GeForce Experience application, navigate to Drivers, and ensure your are fully updated.

Fix FPS Issues in Halo Infinite

Adjust Your Maximum Frame Rate

If you want to make sure you have no FPS issues in Halo Infinite, capping your maximum frame rate is usually wise. Go into your game settings > Video> and under the Display section, change your Maximum Frame Rate to 72. Depending on your PC, you may even need to lower it to 48.

While you are at it, disable VSYNC below the frame rate setting to help fix framerate issues in Halo Infinite.

Fix FPS Issues in Halo Infinite Adjust Your Maximum Frame Rate

Adjust Video Quality Settings

You can also adjust your Quality Preset to change many different video quality settings at the same time. You can select between Low, Medium, High, and Ultra. This should be basic knowledge but don’t forget to try it.

Specifically, Texture Quality takes up quite a bit of VRAM usage for your PC. If you are looking to pick and choose which ones to lower, start with this.

Fix FPS Issues in Halo Infinite Adjust Video Quality Settings

Other Settings And Tricks To Maximize FPS

You can also try out these settings that have had some good feedback with other users.

In the Settings Menu in the Video Tab:


Reducing Resolution Scale %

Uncheck VSYNC. Disabling this allows access to other settings in the drop down menu for Max Frame Rate Settings: Unlocked and Custom

Min frame rate: off

Max frame rate: unlocked


Quality Preset: Low

Volumetric Fog Quality: Off

Flocking Quality: Off


Blur: 0%

Screen Shake: 0%

Speed lines: Unchecked

Sharpening: 0%

Uninstall HD Textures

Lastly, you can uninstall the Multiplayer HD Content Pack to free up hard disk space and reduce system usage, as these are 4k textures that aren’t really necessary for 1080p gaming.

In the Control Panel (F1) Press go to the Manage Game Tab (R)

Fix FPS Issues in Halo Infinite Uninstall HD Textures

Then Uncheck “Multiplayer HD Content Pack”, hit “Apply” then restart your game

Fix FPS Issues in Halo Infinite Uninstall HD Textures

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