Free 007 Legends DLC Release Dates

Before we go any further, let this be known, I hate and I mean really hate the latest shambles of a James Bond game that is 007 Legends. So just writing this article hurts my abused fingers and thumbs, but I shall try and keep a professional attitude and get on with it.

For those who found any enjoyment in Eurocom’s turd delivery, 007 Legends, there’s some free DLC turd coming your way in the shape of Skyfall. The DLC turd lets you play out as Daniel Craig in the latest Bond movie, Skyfall.

The release dates for the steaming pile of turd are:

PS3 – November 9th
Xbox 360 – November 20th
PC – November 20th

The turd DLC is absolutely free, because it would be criminal to make you pay even more for an already worthless game.

However, the film Skyfall is truly brilliant, and this game in no way shows just how good it is, as Skyfall is a top movie and this game is turd. Hot runny turd, the kind that gets everywhere.

There we go, I think I managed to keep a professional manner and didn’t let too many of my opinions get in the way.

Will you be downloading the Skyfall DLC? Or will you be putting turd in your disc drive? Basically the same thing.


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