Free-to-Play Mobile Game Battle Ages Rated for PS4

Have you heard of Battle Ages? No? You sure? You’ve probably had an advert for the game rammed down your eye sockets by some sites when you use your smartphone/tablet (not us!) and then you’re left wondering why you’re watching a bummy advert for a game you know you’ll never bother with.

Well, maybe you wouldn’t bother with it on a smartphone, but what about a console? Free-to-play games are all the rage these days – as are remasters – and publishers are always looking to make an easy buck/quid/euro.

It seems that Battle Ages from 505 Games may be the latest such monstrosity game to hit home consoles; the Australian ratings board has rated a game called Battle Ages for the PS4 and the publisher for the game is 505 games, so we’re inclined to think that it’s the same game that the same publisher released on mobile devices a while back. At the moment we’ve only seen the rating for the PS4 version but we assume that the Xbox One will be invited to the party, too.

Of course, this may not be for some, but we’re sure that there will be a few people who’ll happily download it and let it take over their lives. At least it’s on a bigger screen and the battery won’t die…