Freedom Planet 2 Announced With Trailer, Screenshot, Art Work and Details; Won’t Be a Kickstarter

Galaxy Trail has announced today, via a Youtube trailer, that Freedom Planet 2 is in development and should be arriving by mid-2017. The developers state that is the release date target, but there’s hope for a playable demo before then.

The first Freedom Planet was well received, though it did get a bit of slack for somewhat resembling Sonic the Hedgehog due to the retro-style graphics. Well, this time around things are going to be a little bit different and a hell of a lot clearer as the game is being developed with HD in mind. Yippee!

Freedom Planet 2 is in active development and even has one of the original Sonic developers on board, Christian Whitehead, who actually build the engine that Freedom Planet 2 will run on in Unity. Impressive stuff.

The game is due out on PC, Mac, and Linux first, though it’s likely we’ll see a Wii U version a little later. According to the developers the reason for the focus on the Wii U version was due to the success of the original Freedom Planet on the Wii U. It’s also noted on the game’s official website that there will be no crowdfunding for Freedom Planet 2.

There’s a bunch of artwork down below, as well as an in-game image showing off the new graphics. The announcement trailer is also embedded before your eyes, though it doesn’t really seem to fit in with what the game is – it’s a little odd, really.

There’s also a brand new website for the game where you can head over and have a look at some of the changes being implemented, as well as the character biographies and a look at the team behind the game.

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