Gadgets: These PS4 & Xbox One Laptops Will Bankrupt You

Ever wished that you could take your PS4 or Xbox One on the road with you? Maybe you’d like to jump into inFamous: Second Son or Dead Rising 3 whilst on that terribly long flight? Well now you can! Albeit for a price…

One chap who goes by the name Ed Zarick is giving Ben Heck a run for his money with his PlayBook 4 and Xbook One. That’s what he names his creations, rather clever really.

Check them out down below:

ps4laptop xboxonelaptop

The skilled modder manages to cram all the innards of your PS4 or Xbox One into a sleek laptop design that includes a 22-inch 1080p display to play games on. They don’t function as a laptop, in that you can’t run Windows and then switch to console mode, but they do look pretty darn cool.

The best part is that Zarick will happily build you an extra special portable machine, for a price. The price? $1400, but Zarick provides all the parts needed to make the PS4/Xbox One laptop and the price goes down to $1100 if you send him a console. There is a small catch though; the need to be plugged in via a mains power supply as they don’t come with batteries, so you better hope that your plane/train comes with power sockets as standard….

It’s amazing what can be done with a bit of tinkering and I have no doubt we’ll see more creative console modifications in the years to come.

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