Best Garen Counters in League of Legends

Discover which champions are the best Garen counters in League of Legends!
best garen counters

Hello and welcome to our newest guide! It’s time to cover the counters for Garen, aka One of the most annoying champions in League of Legends.


Garen is one of the best starting champions for players that are just getting into the game,but he is also an amazing pick for those who want to climb out the lower tiers as well. You can easily reach as high as gold playing Garen, since players in lower tiers tend not to know how to correctly play against Garen.

Due to his absence of mana consumption, his incredible health regeneration as well as whole defensive stats, while dishing out serious amounts of damage, he is considered one of the strongest champions in League of Legends. At one point in time Garen was META and he was unstoppable. What a coincidence this was as it was also the time where top laners were META so he had additional bonus in the form of items that top laners abused at that point in time.

He can be quite annoying to lane against, and that annoyance can quickly turn into full rage and smashing your pc after he gathers a few kills.

The best way to counter Garen is quite simple for us that have been playing for quite some time, but players in lower tiers do not know that. You only need a decent range and a basic ability to kite. Since Garen doesn’t have any crowd control and he is a melee champion, he can’t do any damage to you until he reaches you. His abilities also have quite a small range so if you can deal some damage to him constantly while not letting him reach you, he will be so easy to defeat.

I have prepared a list for The Best Garen Counters in League of Legends!

3. Kayle

kayle hd wallpaper

Definitely a top 3 pick for best Garen counters is Kayle. One of the best scaling champions in League of Legends and an unstoppable force once she reaches level 16. Kayle is not the strongest champion in the earlier stages of the game, but after some time you quickly become much stronger then Garen and can beat him with almost no effort.

2. Vayne

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You must have seen someone pick Vayne for top lane and probably raged the hell out on that person. While I personally am not the fan of the adc top META, Vayne is a must have pick against Garen. Vayne keeps her distance and due to her W ability she shreds Garen’s armor like it’s made of butter. Every time Garen tries to catch her she can either tumble her way to safety or simply knock him back with her E. This makes Garen easy prey for Vayne. Definitely a well deserved runner up place for best Garen counters belongs to Vayne.

1. Teemo

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What do you get when two of the most annoying champions meet in the top lane. You want them both dead. That’s what you get, but this is the easiest matchup for Teemo in the game. He keeps a decent distance from Garen and everytime Garen tries to get close to Teemo, he gets blinded and slowed by the ‘’shrooms’’. These are all the reasons why Teemo is the number one for the best Garen counter in League of Legends!


And there you have it! We have given you our secret to countering Garen in LoL. I hope this guide will do you well and that you will come back for more awesome guides and reviews for League of Legends!