Genshin Impact Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp: How To Get And Use

Genshin Impact Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp gadget
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The Ultra-Hot Burner LampinGenshin Impact is a four-star gadget that improves the efficiency of processing ingredients. Read here to learn how to get and use the Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp: How To Get

Genshin Impact, how to raise reputation in Sumeru.

To acquire the Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp for yourself, you must reach reputation level five in Sumeru first. To do so, you can do several things which go towards your reputation score, these include:

  • Completing bounties (unlocked at reputation level two)
  • Completing region quests in Sumeru from NPCs
  • Exploring more of the region by opening chests and discovering areas.
  • Complete Sumeru requests (unlocked at reputation level two)

You can then navigate to the reputation menu to see how your levels are progressing. Bounties and requests are randomised every week and are scattered across all nations. Try to prioritise the Sumeru requests to raise your Sumeru reputation as you can only complete three at a time.

At each level, you’ll gain additional rewards, including the Dendro Treasure Compass diagram at level nine and the Wings of the Forest glider at level ten.

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Genshin Impact Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp: How To Use

Genshin Impact, how to accelerate processing time.

Once you have the gadget in your inventory, at any cooking station a new tab will be present in the processing menu, the new ‘Accelerate’ button next to the ‘Cook’ prompt. Here, you can use minerals in exchange for lowering the processing time of ingredients.

Processing ingredients is the action of turning cooking ingredients into others, sometimes at a higher quality. The Accelerate process used with this gadget improves the real-world time it takes to do so. The higher rarity of the mineral ore, the shorter amount of time the process will take.

The following minerals subtract processing time:

  • Iron Chunk – 20 seconds each
  • White Iron Chunks and Starsilver – 40 seconds
  • Crystal Chunk, Magical Crystal Chunk and Amethyst Lumps – 60 seconds
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