geometry wars 3

Geometry Wars 3 is on Sale for iOS Devices – Grab it, it’s Gooooooood

Who loves a bargain? Everyone, that’s who. We may have a bit of a dig at mobile gaming from time to time, but in truthfulness we have to admit that there’s more than a few games on our smartphones, one of which is the excellently executed and devilishly addictive Geometry Wars 3. While we’ve been smashing the living daylights out of it on the PS Vita, it’s also a decent game to take on your travels when the Vita isn’t an option i.e toilet, work, work toilet etc.

It’s currently on offer on the Apple App Store for those who own an iOS device. Instead of paying full price you’ll only need to stump up $1.99 for the game, which isn’t a bad price considering the sheer amount of content on offer. If you’ve got some App Store gift cards still lying around from last Christmas or a birthday gone by, give this one a shot – you won’t regret it.

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