Gizmos and Gadgets: What we know so far about the newest TFT set

Playing something new will always be exciting, that is why we can’t blame the players if they are always looking forward to a new Teamfight Tactics (TFT) set. It’s time to ease your excitement since Riot Games has recently introduced the newest TFT set called Gizmos and Gadgets to its tacticians. We have seen several sneak peeks and overviews on the latest set, and here is what we know so far:     

Hextech Augments

The newest TFT mechanic that will replace the Shadow Items of the current set is called Hextech Augments”. In this mechanic, the players are offered three augments that improve their gameplay; these are given during Stage 1-3 (Early Game), Stage 3-5 (Mid Game), and Stage 5-1 (Late Game). Augments have three tiers that get more powerful the longer the game goes and a player’s Hextech Augment will be visible on the board which can be seen by other players.

There are a lot of augments in Gizmos and Gadgets, but some of them differ from granting items, giving raw power, and economic upgrades.  For example, there is an augment called “Cybernetic Implants” which grants 450 health and 30 damage to your units that have an item, as well as “High Roller” which automatically grants the player two loaded dice. You can adjust your Hextech Augments according to your playstyle to develop strategies or to overpower your opponents

Teamfight Tactics, TFT, Mechanics, Hextech Augments
Image Credit: Riot Games

Team Compositions

A new TFT set, of course, means new units and compositions. “Gizmos and Gadgets” currently has 27 unique traits, all of which are seen in this picture:

Teamfight Tactics, Traits, TFT
Image Credit: Riot Games

As you can see, some units have multiple traits which is a consistent feature throughout all TFT sets. This adds more variety to the gameplay. Have you decided to mix Bruiser and Clockwork units to have a well-rounded team? Or just focus on Academy units to buff your carry and overpower your opponents? Either way, it is now your job as a tactician to decide whether you will mix and match the traits or focus on one particular set of units to achieve the sweet victory!

Co-op Mode

Riot has finally added a co-op feature for Teamfight Tactics called “Double-up”. In this game mode, you can queue up with a partner to challenge other tacticians, wherein the both of you share the same health bar throughout the game. Sounds difficult, right? But no worries, this mode is pretty forgiving because if your shared health pool drops to 0, it returns to 1. Although don’t lose the next round since it will result in your elimination. 

Double-up offers new mechanics like the Assist Armory, Rune of Allegiance, and Team Reinforcements. With the help of these mechanics, partners can boost their chance of winning by helping each other. In Assist Armory a player can gift items, gold, and traits to their partner. Rune of Allegiance, on the other hand, is a consumable item that a player can use on a unit. The said unit and its items will then be sent to their partner’s board—which they can use for their own liking. 

Teamfight Tactics, TFT, Mechanics
Image Credit: Riot Games

With Team Reinforcements a player can send their champions to a partner’s battlefield by winning swiftly. If you have beaten your enemy before your partner beats theirs, your remaining units will teleport to your partner’s battlefield to help them out. Teleported units will carry over augment bonuses, item stats, trait bonuses, and stacks. Team Reinforcements make Double-up even more exciting! Show your enemies the power of friendship through this mechanic.

Little Legends and the Gizmos and Gadgets Pass

A new TFT set also means new cosmetics! Defeat your enemies using the latest roster of cute and inventive little legends. Meet Duckbill, Gloop Boop, and Piximander: 

The Gizmos and Gadgets pass also contains a variation of the River Sprite and Shisa. Want to look like a combination of elements and magic?  Play as the Arcane Sprite. However, if looking smart and teaching your opponents a lesson is your goal, then pick the intelligent Doctor Shisa as your little legend. 

Want to make your battlefield more colorful and exciting? Don’t worry, Gizmos and Gadgets also bring fresh arenas. The new TFT pass contains 3 different arenas with innovative designs, which are the Academy Arena, Chemtech Arena, and Dr. Shisa’s Study. Use these arenas to achieve victory with style

You can also buy the Jinx and Vi arena, for 1380 Riot Points, if you want a different look

Emotes also comes with the new pass if you want to express yourself or tease your opponents

Chibi Champions

Riot has also announced “Chibi Champions”, which are basically mini-sized versions of the League of Legends champions. There are only three Chibi Champions that we know so far, and they are Chibi Ekko, Chibi Jinx, and Chibi Vi. 

Chibi, Champions, League of Legends
Image Credit: Riot Games

Chibi Champions are pretty similar to Little Legends, they can laugh, dance, taunt, and equip booms—they also have their own unique boom animations. You can use these cute little chibis instead of little legends to defeat your enemies!

Image Credit: Riot Games

Unfortunately, they are not upgradable by shards and they don’t have a 2-star and 3-star variant. Chibi Champions will be available in the store for 1900 Riot Points

Players are definitely more excited to try the full Gizmos and Gadgets experience after seeing all the new features that Riot has to offer. But worry not, the upcoming TFT will go live next month on Patch 11.22. In the meantime, players can test experimental changes on the newest TFT set in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE). Good luck on the battlefield, fellow tactician! 

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