Gloomhaven Update Patch Notes – January 10, 2022

A new January 2022 Gloomhaven patch today was released for the game. We can see a lot of new updates in here that will be sure to improve the game. Check out the official patch notes below.

The new update should introduce bug fix issues and crashes players have been experiencing.

What is new in Gloomhaven January 10 Update?

  • Fixed – Issues with desyncing while using the Merchant in Multiplayer
  • Fixed – Unwanted ‘!’ notification remaining on the Trainer screen in Guildmaster mode
  • Fixed – Issue with flying monsters opening doors if they were trying to move to avoid disadvantage
  • Fixed – Issue when skipping Trample when immobilized in Multiplayer
  • Fixed – Issue if a client leaves a multiplayer game during character creation
  • Fixed – Softlock when being pulled through a pressure place in scenario #66
  • Fixed – Softlock when moving over hazardous terrain with [spoiler]Divine Intervention[/spoiler]
  • Fixed – Error when AI is moving towards a target hex/obstacle
  • Fixed – Issue with [spoiler]Volatile Consumption[/spoiler] in Multiplayer
  • Fixed – Issue with autoequipping chest items in Multiplayer
  • Fixed – Issue to prevent late Ready Up messages causing desynchs in Multiplayer
  • Updated – Better error logging for Mac specific game directory permissions
  • Updated – Better error reporting for broken mods

Download free Gloomhaven patch on PC(steam).

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