Gone Home Re-Announced for Consoles, Coming to Xbox One and PS4 on January 12

Gone Home, the award-winning indie game by The Fullbright Company, is coming to Xbox One and PS4 after an extended development hiatus. Earlier this year, all console development for the game was put on indefinite hold pending financial issues. However, it seems that Fullbright has now found a willing partner in indie publisher Midnight City. In a recent blog post, Gone Home writer and designer Steve Gaynor announced that development on the console port would resume with a targeted release date of January 12, 2016.

Here’s what Gaynor had to say:

“Ever since Gone Home came out we’ve wanted to be able to bring it to people who maybe aren’t PC gamers, or don’t have a good enough computer, or who just want to play in their living room, maybe to share the experience with a friend or loved one from the comfort of their couch.”

It seems as though that goal is about to come to fruition for Fullbright, and console gamers will finally get a chance to see just what all the fuss is about.

Check out the video below to hear the announcement directly from the developers of Gone Home:

Gone Home launches on Xbox One and PS4 on January 12, 2016 at a yet-to-be-announced price.

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