Gotham Knights New Gameplay Revealed

We see new gameplay featuring Nightwing and the Red Hood. The graphics of course look fantastic just like how Arkham Knight impressed. Although most of us will be more concerned with the thrilling gameplay. Gotham Knights can be played single-player or co-op. Gotham Knights takes place after Arkham Knights, so with Batman out of action Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl take it upon themselves to bring justice to Gotham.

Watch here to see the gameplay

Instantly we see the variety in combat and how it’s different to Batman. Nightwing is far more acrobatic and almost glides to each enemy he’s about to take down. Red Hood’s combat is heavier and slower, but the hits feel more gritty and blowing. The Red Hood has an advantage over the heroes and that’s his use of guns. He can fight ranged as well as close-ranged.

New Features

Instead of a batmobile we’re given a motorcycle to use to traverse Gotham. We also have a workbench now. With this workbench, we can upgrade armour and weapons to make Gotham an easier place to protect. You can upgrade yourself by finding blueprints for said armours in the world. These different blueprints work as new skins also. So if you don’t like the original designs, don’t worry

Nightwing has a glider that is uncanny to the paraglider in Zelda BOTW. Although it looks like a good way to get around Gotham fast.

Red Hood has powers now. He can use mystical leap. He can leap using his soul essence as a platform to leap as he was revived by an assassin cult.

There’s now a hub that’s called the Belfry for the heroes to work from and choose missions in. This is where you’ll find the workbench. The gameplay looks familiar but different enough to be worth a try. And having co-op is a massive bonus as we can see the other heroes in action with us.


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