Grab a Free Game with Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for iOS Devices

We’re usually the first to point out that gaming on a smartphone isn’t proper and that those who undertake such a shameful act should be burnt at the stake made of Dreamcast consoles, but we’re willing to look the other way on this occasion – and this occasion only. You have been warned.

iOS users can download and play Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for absolutely free. Yes, you read that right – you can download a free game from the App store on your iPhone or iPad.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project first released back in 2002 for the PC before being ported to the Xbox 360 for a release on the Xbox Live Arcade. Eventually it made its way to the iPhones and iPads early last year.

It’s not the standard Duke Nukem affair that we’re used to as it’s a side-scroller of sorts, albeit a very good one. Well worth a look if you’ve got some space to spare on your fake handheld gaming machine. Sorry, we just really love our PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.