Grand Theft Auto V to Get New “Intense” Gamemode Called “Every Bullet Counts”

Rockstar Games has announced that its next patch for Grand Theft Auto V will feature a new game mode called “Every Bullet Counts.” They describe the mode as an “intense” variation of the last man standing mode, but with a “unique twist”:

“With no safe place to hide, four players go up against each other in a confined space with a very limited arsenal: just one marksman pistol and two bullets to take out three opponents. Tactics are key here–once players have exhausted their ammo, they’ll need to resort to crafty melee attacks with their Hatchet or Machete to make it out alive.”

That’s a whole lot of rules for a game mode, but GTA V is not averse to wacky rules. The game’s open world multiplayer action has been host to snowball fights and slasher modes in the past, so it’s good to see Rockstar thinking a little more creatively to inject new content. The new mode also favors claustrophobic spaces, and will feature confined locales such as Micheal De Santa’s Rockford Hills mansion, and the Tequi-la-la nightclub:

“Tooth and claw is the order of the day, as this Free-For-All mode demands specific skills of its participants including marksmanship, stealth and timing. Campers and lurkers be warned: anyone staying still for more than 5 seconds will have their blip revealed on the map, making them an easier target for enemies who are wisely moving from cover to cover.”

You can play Every Bullet Counts starting today, December 8th, through the GTA Online featured playlist. It’s available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but won’t be available to PS3 and 360 players. This continues Rockstar’s trend of focusing on new-generation content for its GTA Online updates. Rockstar have not officially dropped support for the old gen console versions, but that possibility edges ever closer with each exclusive patch.