Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4 Will Be Digital Only in North America

This one’s going to rub a lot of people up the wrong way: Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4 won’t be available at retail, at least not in North America. The remaster of the former PS Vita exclusive will release on PS4 in February 9th, 2016, but those hoping to add a new box to their gaming shelf will be disappointed to learn that the remaster will only be available via PSN.

The good news is that it’ll be a fairly priced budget release as you’ll only have to stump up $29.99, but the fact that it’s digital only is a little disheartening. As for other territories? No idea. At the time of writing there’s no confirmation whether Europe and Asia will be constrained to a digital-only release or whether there will be boxes on store shelves to pick up.

Gravity Rush was well received when it launched on the PS Vita, but unfortunately poor sales of both the game and the system have meant that the sequel will be a PS4 exclusive.

[Update: We’ve since been informed that Europe will be receiving Gravity Rush in the form of a boxed retail edition as well as a PSN download.]

What do you make of Gravity Rush Remastered only being a digital title on PS4? Will you be skipping it because of this, or will you be picking it up on day one anyway?


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