Grounded Whetstone: How To Find Materials And Make Brittle Whetstone

Grounded Brittle Whetstone is a constant resource required throughout the game. Grounded is a survival and crafting game in the same vein as Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Whetstone is an important ingredient as it is necessary to upgrade your gear. For more on this item, here is our guide to Grounded Whetstone.

Grounded Whetstones: Smithing Station

Before you can craft anything, you will need to purchase the Smithing Station. This necessary upgrade can be bought from the Science Shop once you have spoken with BURG.L. Unlocking the basic Smithing Station is the first step you need to begin crafting whetstones and other materials. As you upgrade the Smithing Station, you will be able to get these resources even easier.

Once you have your Smithing Station ready to go, you can go about crafting Brittle Whetstones in one of two ways.

Grounded Whetstone: First Method

Of two ways to craft Brittle Whetstones, the most basic form of Whetstone, the first and most simple method requires two ingredients: Sap and Larva Spikes. Sap is easily acquired, it can be found all over the garden. Look for twigs, especially around the large oak tree in the centre of the garden. Sap can be found quite readily, so be sure to stock up on some.

Larva Spikes are not as easily gained. They are dropped from defeating Larva Bugs. These bugs can be difficult to defeat early on, but get much easier as you upgrade your weapons. Defeat plenty of them to gather some Larva Spikes. When you have a good amount of sap and spikes, head back to your workstation to create some Brittle Whetstones.

Grounded Whetstone: Second Method

Another way to create Whetstones is to use Brittle Quartzite Shards. These items are most often found underground, but smaller amounts can be discovered on the surface. To gather Brittle Quartzite Shards you need to find Brittle Quartzite nodes, outcroppings of Quartzite that you can harvest.

These nodes can provide several shards depending on the size, and usually, the bigger nodes are found underground. To find some, take a few torches and your strongest gear and venture down into the tunnels. Explore underground to gather resources, defeat enemies and grab as much Brittle Quartzite as you can.

Take your Brittle Quartzite Shards to your workstation and you can use them to craft Brittle Whetstones, which you can then use to upgrade your gear.

That is it for Grounded Whetstone, the ingredients needed and how to craft Brittle Whetstone. 

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