GTA and GTA 2 Coming to PlayStation 3, Possibly Releasing Next Week

GTA V may just be the finest open-world game yet by veteran developer Rockstar Games, but we also thought that over a decade ago with the original release and its sequel, back when Rockstar weren’t the company we know today, but were instead DMA Design.

If you’ve never experienced the top-down crime-spree games of the past (shame on you,) then there’s a chance you’ll be able to take a trip to the past with the original Grand Theft Auto and its popular sequel, Grand Theft Auto 2.

Both titles have recently been rated by the PEGI ratings board with a mention of being released on the PlayStation 3 with a release date of May 5th attached.

It seems fairly likely that the games will end up on the PSN, but considering that the PlayStation Store updates on a Wednesday in the UK and Europe, May 5th may not be quite accurate, unless you live in the United States or Canada.

This is cracking news to be fair. For those who didn’t get to experience the thrills of the originals this is a golden opportunity to do so. Hopefully we’ll see a release of these classics on the PS Vita, too.

Would you be interested in taking a step back from the high-definition GTA V to explore the not so HD 90’s-era Liberty City?

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