GTA: Liberty City Stories Hits Android With 40% Off

The former PSP exclusive GTA: Liberty City Stories has finally released on Android devices after a warm reception on iOS phones and tablets.

The game has been given a graphical overhaul with high-resolution textures, real-time lighting, and of course there’s also reworked controls for touchscreens. However, if you’re not a fan of touch-screen gaming then you can always connect a controller and play the traditional way – nay, the correct way.

Android users can pick up the classic title on the cheap with the 40% off introductory offer which will only last a limited time.

Rockstar has been rather busy in recent years with porting its old classics to mobile, but there’s no such love for the Vita. Perhaps we’ll see Bully get a mobile release soon? It’s certainly more likely than seeing Vita-specific ports…

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